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autocad 2006 complete urdu tutorials DVDs

autocad 2006 and 2007 Complete Tutorials DVD in Urdu

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To get complete collection of autocad 2006 Urdu tutorials order DVD at our site or see videos on our site. videos are currently playing on other

platforms like YouTube, Facebook . We are

planning to make our video channel. We need your suggestions and comments and your help to make Urdu video channel for free software tutorials and training .

currently our training DVDs include follwing topics

What is Auto CAD

How to install Autocad

introduction to Auto-cad interface

How to work in AutoCAD

Use of different commands like line,circle, rectangle, boundary,extrude and many more… (separate video for each command)

How to make 2D drawings

How to make 3D models

Also different projects included

and other different topics



CAD Urdu Tutor

I am Working and teaching Auto CAD since 2005. This web site contains Auto CAD Tutorial Videos in Urdu Prepared by me. If you are interested in learning than I can teach you online. Or You can Purchase Auto CAD Urdu Video Tutorials DVD. If you need help any time ,I am always here to help you.

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