Mirror Command

Mirror Command 
Auto CAD In Urdu

mirror command used to make same copy of an object on reverse direction i-e it acts as mirror

Command mi or use 3rd tool from above pic

  • Select objects:which you want to mirror and press ENTER
  • Specify first point of mirror line:
  • Specify second point of mirror line
  • Press Enter


  • We want to make mirror of object given below
  • mi Enter    or select 3rd tool from toolbar show above
  • Select the object
  • Press enter
  • click on 1st and 2nd points as shown by dots in fig.
  • Press Enter
  • Your see the results as in fig 2
Click on picture below to see Large View
  1. sir g mirror ka kia mean hai?auto cad me yeh command kis terha use krtey hai.

  2. oh that mirror command is very useful! 🙂

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